We are the bridge to your new life

株式会社 リロケーション・インターナショナル
Relocation International, Inc.

Service Overview

Our services are comprised of four stages: pre-arrival, settling-in, life in country, and repatriation. Click on the service for details.


  • VISA application
  • International logistics (moving)
  • Help purchasing personal seal (inkan)
  • Flight tickets
  • Pre-arrival tour
  • Temporary accommodation
  • House-hunting tour
  • Selecting and leasing furniture
  • Setting up of utilities and Internet service
  • Insurance
  • Provision of guide from airport to office, hotel, and accommodation
  • Airport pick-up arrangements
  • Japanese translation of birth and marriage certificates


  • Moving-in using an IBR guide book
  • Provision of area guide map and area orientation
  • Residence registration, national health insurance, national pension fund, children allowance, residence certificate issuance
  • Opening a bank account
  • Purchasing a mobile phone and establishing a contract
  • Initial shopping

Life in country

  • Relo Anshin Call
  • VISA status tracking
  • Medical examination arrangements
  • Switching driving license

Expats may face different kinds of problems living in Japan. IBR provides a help desk called RELO ANSHIN CALL (Relo Call), which can be reached by either E-mail or phone call. Anshin is a Japanese word that means ‘peace of mind’ and we aim to provide this not only to expats working at the office, but also their family members. Our bilingual staff members will help expats deal with any problems they may encounter while living in Japan.


  • Cancellation of housing contract
  • Moving-out & deposit return
  • Termination and closing of utilities, Internet, mobile phone, and bank account
  • Moving-out notification
  • Submission of relocation notice to post office
  • Temporary accommodation
  • International logistics
  • Flight tickets
  • Tax refund