We are the bridge to your new life

株式会社 リロ・エクセル インターナショナル
Relo Excel International, Inc.

Our Strenghts


A lot is involved in settling a large number of stakeholders, and consumes a lot of money and time for both expats and client companies. We centralize all of the support, procedures, arrangements, and final payments to ensure our clients receive the best support and effectively make the most of their time.


Unlike other relocation companies, we were not established as a real estate-based company. This flexibility has given us a wide range of housing options. We do not merely recommend houses from certain management companies. Rather, we seek to find housing that fully satisfies the needs of our clients.


Setting a budget range for housing searches, determining the period of stay at temporary accommodation before moving into rental housing, choosing the best international school, and deciding when to start applying for COEs and visas are just some of the difficulties clients, particularly on the HR side, face. Our group provides a consulting service to help HR staff make decisions based on previous cases and our own experience.

Progress management table for group expatriation

In addition to supporting individuals and households with relocation procedures, we also provide a service for group expatriation requests.  We compile client information such as visa periods, flight information, housing information, medical checkup reservations, and emergency contacts into a management table and periodically update it for the HR staff on the client side.