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Relo Excel International, Inc.


Voice of our clients from all over the world

With that, I think we have completed all the important procedures. I would like to thank you and your team.
I am happy for everything you have done and I hope to see you again…

- Egypt -

I am satisfied with the conditions of education of our children. We intend to continue sending them to the same school.
Thank you again. Have a nice day!

- Kazakhstan -

You​ are​ truly​ a​ lifesaver​ in​ Japan​ and​ your​ help​ and​ friendly​ nature​ is​ greatly​ appreciated.

- Sweden -

Your​ support​ during​ this​ assignment​ has​ been​ wonderful and​ much​ appreciated​ by both​ my​ wife and I.

- Sweden -

Thank you for providing such a great system! Your advance payment system has eased our company’s cash flow and helped lower our administration costs.

- Australia -

Thank​ you​ so​ much​ for​ making​ our​ move​ so​ smooth​ and​ seamless.​ We​ really​ appreciate​ everything​ you've​ done​ for​ us.​ You​ are​ our​ lifeline​ in​ our​ new​ life​ here​ in​ Japan​, and​ it​ has​ been​ very​ enjoyable.​ Thank​ you!

- USA -

Your support has been amazing here in Japan and we have really enjoyed this wonderful country and its wonderful people.

- Australia -

You’re the best! Thank you!

- China -