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株式会社 リロ・エクセル インターナショナル
Relo Excel International, Inc.

Corporate Profile


The relocation process involves providing expats seeking to overcome the complexities of life in Japan with the support they need to get settled. The cultural differences and language barriers are two of the greatest difficulties they face living in Japan. These challenges spawn pose obstacles that inhibit the smooth expatriation process for companies relocating employees. The problems range from finding house for employees, hospitals with English services, and schools for children to the much more complicated issues like renewing housing contracts, applying for income tax returns, and other related procedures. IBR will act as a bridge between expats and their lives in Japan and provide them with the solutions they seek.


Company name Relo Excel International, Inc.
Head office Tokyu REIT Shinjuku Building 3F, 4-3-25, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. 160-0022
TEL : 03-5312-8702
IBR : 03-5312-8787
Year established March 15th, 2017
Capital JPY 50 million
Main operations
  • Inbound relocation
  • Outbound relocation
  • Global Mobility consulting
  • Business travel management
Representative Director and President
Satoshi Hanaoka
Board of Director
Takeshi Maita
Board of Director
Kohji Kira
Executive director
Yasutaga Tange
  • Tourism Agency Director Registration Travel Industry No. 2033 Travel Registration Ticket
  • Realty business
  • The Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (1) article 7770
Member organizations
  • Japan Association of Travel Agents
  • International Air Transport Association